Jon White Studio



Zillow is the most-visited real estate platform in the United States. It takes thousands of talented professionals to make work, not least their troupe of designers, writers, and researchers collectively called Zillow Experience Design (ZXD). In 2021, I was tapped to redesign & rebuild their recruitment-marketing landing page. The new site would need to not only look better, but also faithfully reflect their present-day morés and geographic distribution.


Information architecture, visual design, front-end development.

ZXD is the sum of six teams collectively working together. We hit on the idea of celebrating this through one illustrative employee per team—which I further embellished with color, iconography, motion, and a splash of Zillow’s own textures.

I have a personal conviction that every visitor should feel that they got the best-case-scenario browsing experience. Accordingly, complex layouts—like this one showcasing their remote-work structure—justified conditional tweaks to fluidly fit different viewports.

Joy-provoking drips of animation keep the heavier content (like internal processes or growth curricula) from feeling intimidating.

The microsite ends with short articles that need to be meaningfully read. I stretched the extant design language to take on a marginally more sober, reverent tone.