Jon White Studio

The Real News Network


By 2021, The Real News Network—a multiplatform journalistic nonprofit focusing on labor, inequality, and justice issues—had evolved significantly from their early days. One element they’d since outgrown was their legacy logo. I partnered with their core leadership team to construct a new brand that distinctly reflected the organization they’d become.


Logo design, type directing.

While it was known from the outset that certain traits of the brand needed to be preserved—colors, certainly, and a general sense of postwar modernity—everything else was up for reevaluation. We tore it down to the studs, and began with an in-depth series of meetings to identify what a modern-day TRNN was truly about, and to articulate its place in the contemporary media landscape.

Placement and usage guidelines across each of the final mark’s canonical versions (logo, lockup, wordmark).

Included in my system were usable vector patterns, constructed from the logo itself, to be used in brand collateral (broadcast bumpers, print embosses, annual reports, and so on).

Guidelines and mockups.

Iterative rounds of early process, devel­oped with regular incor­pora­tion of the client’s feedback.