Jon White Studio

People’s Policy Project


Renowned poverty-, welfare-policy-, and labor-expert Matt Bruenig identified a problem: the United States has no think tank for the poor. Accordingly, he started it. The crowdfunded 3P’s self-stated mission is “to publish ideas and analysis that assist in the development of an economic system that serves the many, not the few.” And indeed they do, with their reports having already impacted American discourse & policy.


Print/publication design, information architecture, visual design, front-end development, CMS integration.

The “Single Project” template was deliberately laid out in a way to ensure that our reader is always within reach of the source publication, no matter how far they’ve scrolled down its synopsis.

Communicatively, the real star of the show are the report designs. These are published as either PDFs, small-press books, or microsites.

A sampling of covers and interior pages from the former:

Conveying microsites through inert screenshots is—to borrow an idiom—like dancing about architecture. Nevertheless, here follows a sampling of some of my favorites.

I encourage experiencing these in their full breadth through PPP’s Issues archive. Note that each of these sites is cheerfully responsive, down to whichever device or orientation you throw at them.

Above all, I’m proudest of the book. Limited run of 250, packaged in my office and shipped from the post office down the street.