Jon White Studio



Since 2013, HLS’s OnLabor has been a widely-read, widely-respected source for the legal side of American labor coverage. It’s a authoritative fount of analysis, sought out by lawyers, organizers, and workers alike. I helmed the 2022 redesign and platform-redevelopment of their site.


Information architecture, visual design, front-end development, CMS integration, migration / staging / launch logistics.

When I began the project, OnLabor already had nine years of editorial content, all of which needed to be intuitively-and-confidently expressed through the new layouts.

One of the client’s main goals was to build a new feature for threading together timelines of presently urgent issues. These would be a convenient primer for readers looking to quickly understand hot-button labor issues.

I pulled this off through a combination of Custom Taxonomies, Custom Meta Fields, and the miracle of ACF repeater rows.

The home page employs animations and scroll effects to entice and reward readers for scrolling just a little bit further.

A critical piece of the redesign was a maturation of its wordmark. I leveraged Klim’s THE FUTURE, whose fusion of postmodern wit and dependable legibility fit OnLabor’s tone perfectly.