Jon White Studio

Elizabeth Bruenig


Elizabeth Bruenig is an award-winning independent journalist, having written columns and features for The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Atlantic. She needed a personal site that did several things at once: anthologized her key published works; explained her “beat”; taught potential sources how to reach her; reflected her unique tone; and did it all while being easy for her to update on the back-end.


Information architecture, visual design, front-end development, CMS integration.

As readers scroll through her personal biography, collage pastiches of her professional background—overlaid with classical ornaments—gently float up in the margins.

The important “Tips” section—guidance for interested journalistic sources—was built to be as easy as possible to curate on the back-end. Each FAQ is a simple two-field Custom Post Type, with all styling handled on the front-end.

CSS sticky positioning is used as a wayfinding tool, keeping readers aware of what supersection (“Writing”) and subsection (“Longer Works”, ”Shorter Works”) they’re currently browsing.

Different though they appear, each Custom Post Type was care­fully engineer­ed to be grace­fully simple to manage on the back-end. Each entry asks only for JPG and a richtext blurb.