Jon White Studio

Demos Helsinki


Headquartered in Finland—but actively producing research & events & analysis to improve the whole world—Demos Helsinki is dynamic, creative, relevant think tank for whom I’ve had the pleasure to design cross-media publications.


Visual design, front-end development, dev ops, book design.

In 2022, I was approached by Demos Helsinki to design & code a microsite for their new report laying out the internet’s “blind spots”, and celebrating instances where those earlier optimistic promises are actually coming to fruition. Shown here: the setting up of those societal “blind spots.”

Further down the report, we get to the case studies. They fall into four categories total, for which I gave each one its own color palette and icon system.

Select screens from the report.

In 2023, I designed for Demos Helsinki a book (both PDF and printed/bound A4 edition) of their new report on how governments can reimagine their civil service. Throughout the piece, as a continuation of its themes, I stuck to only using public-domain photography held by governments’ digital archives.

For the splash spreads for each case study, I designed collages that celebrated the metaphor we’d collaboratively developed for each one: scientists, climbers, artists, and musicians.

Select interior spreads.

The project was timed to have the book made available for the 2023 Creative Bureaucracy Festival in Berlin, during which the physical book was brought on stage.