Jon White Studio

Current Affairs


The rabble-rousing culture-/politics-criticism periodical Current Affairs continues to not only stay alive in a culture of shrinking magazine subscriptions, but remains beautiful, discussed, and lively. The only problem lay in the disconnect between its lovingly-designed print edition and its just-good-enough web edition. Editor-in-chief Nathan Robinson—who shares my affection for Victorian print ephemera—reached out to ask if I’d be interested in bridging that divide. After carefully absorbing everything Nathan-and-team wished for in a redesign, I set about recasting its views to exhibit the elegance, whimsy, and sophistication of its print sibling.


Information architecture, visual design, front-end development.

The home page is a fusion of both the unpredictable (editorially-picked article thumbnails) and the planned (Victorian-woodcut nonsense).

CA’s penchant for subliminal gags runs through my own DNA. I made it my personal mission to fill any corner that could contain frivolity with frivolity.

The print-edition subscription appeal justified its own longscroll marketing page. These kinds of scroll-triggered reward animations keep the appeal from feeling like an appeal.

Gifting a loved one their own print subscription merits a printable gift commemoration, which I designed to be as insufferable as possible.

In addition to my digital work, I’ve also contrib­uted some pieces to CA’s print edition. My favorite of these is this sprawling bureau­crat­ic choose-your-own-adventure flowchart.