Jon White Studio

Chapo Trap House


Originators and exemplars of the term “dirtbag left”, Chapo Trap House are much more than a podcast—they’re the most successful project in Patreon history, they’re New York Times bestselling authors, they’re international performers, and they’re Vanity Fair- & GQ-profiled subjects. Further: they’re cathartic, they understand our strange political-cultural moment, and they’re brutally funny. Collaborating with them on any design project is a thrill, not least because it lets me contribute a visual soupçon to their inspired gags.


Graphic design, illustration, pre-press.

When choosing an artistic medium for designing niche visual gags predicated on ironically bleak & obscure Cold War conspiratorial references, don’t overlook the humble t-shirt.

Assorted live-show posters over the years.

“Pod On The Run” was a collaboration between myself (design) and the incomparable Josh Lynch (illustration).

Podcast tile for their beloved side miniseries about the subliminally harrowing empire-in-decline metatext of prestige TV.

In 2018, I had the honor of being a contributing artist to their Guide To Revolution: A Manifesto Against Logic, Facts, and Reason. I supplied the more genre-specific visual gags, including an Aaron Sorkin manga, an ostensible kids’ activity section, and a spread where the typeset page text devolves into paranoid handscratch.

I also drew a quadtych of faux-historical newspaper comic strip parodies (which were, for reasons of legal prudence, excised from the final edition).