The Roosevelt Institute

Does the conventional wisdom about skills training — that it necessarily boosts the working class’s earnings prospects — actually play out in the real world? The Roosevelt Institute, a deservedly-well-respected think tank in New York, decided to find out. I had the pleasure of designing their landmark report, and did so by marrying their brand colors & typography with the Roosevelt era’s own beautiful trove of public art. Explore the finished microsite here.

The splash experience, which intuitively scales to fit your exact screen size and shape.

Especially because this report was geared for a general audience, I wanted to use consistent visual iconography to convey its headier concepts. By sticking to these same reappearing motifs — ”worker”, ”boss”, ”wage”, ”job” — we’re able to wordlessly follow them along through the report as they interact & relate in different ways.

Our National Archives and Library Of Congress digital collections are very real national treasures. I tapped them throughout the long-scroll report to add touches of delight (and thematic resonance) alongside the text.

Motion is one of the most-effective assets when storytelling through data. I pitched — and then produced — the notion of using simple, scroll-triggered animation to compare the two counterfactuals of what actually happens to the economics of a firm under different circumstances.

Jon White