People’s Policy Project

Renowned poverty-, welfare-policy-, and labor-expert Matt Bruenig identified a problem: the United States has no think tank for poor people. Accordingly, he started one. The crowdfunded 3P’s self-stated mission is “to publish ideas and analysis that assist in the development of an economic system that serves the many, not the few.” And indeed they do, with their reports having already impacted American discourse & policy.

Released in winter of 2019, Bruenig’s own Family Fun Pack report is a soul-stirring vision for how American society can be barely restructured such that we can make families-having-kids an actual economic reality. Designing it was an absolute joy.

As with everything, I wanted zero experiential difference between its big-screen and mobile behaviors: animations continue to work, horizontal features gracefully transform into vertical ones, aspect ratios organically get taller. No one should feel left out or that they’re getting something less-than.

An assortment of Family Fun Pack screens.

The Family Fun Pack even merited its own extremely-limited-edition poster edition. (Digital giclée printed by Seattle’s Color Group.)

In summer 2018, I designed 3P’s landmark Social Wealth Fund for America report, which lays out in painstaking, grounded, relentlessly-positive detail how the United States is uniquely well-positioned for a Nordic-style—and Alaskan-style!—plan for mass, redistributive wealth ownership.

Assorted screens from the Social Wealth Fund website. Design included the creation of a logo and app mockups for the Fund’s proposed “American Solidarity Fund.”

Quadrant of images of the 'Social Wealth Fund' softcover book

The project also encompassed a perfect-bound, 59-page, limited-edition softcover edition, designed by me and printed by Seattle’s independently-owned Girlie Press (matte gloss, 100lb text stock / 100lb cover stock).

Several bins of 'Social Wealth Fund' books sitting on a Post Office loading dock

…for which I also processed, sold, hand-packaged, fulfilled, and mailed out 265 of them from Seattle out to an international audience of design-discerning policy wonks.

I've designed a handful of 3P’s policy briefs on the Green New Deal, including these on expanding the scope of the TVA and building out a new collectively-owned R&D powerhouse.

Select pages and graphics from my Green New Deal reports.

Designing 3P’s plan for municipal social housing in the United States was especially rewarding, not just for the human necessity of its message, but because it let me integrate the beautiful work of Austrian photographer Paul Bauer.

One instance (among many) of 3P’s policy reports having a material effect on national policy was its 2018 report making the (overdue) case for why incarcerated Americans should be allowed to vote. It also marked the first time I designed a responsive microsite (instead of static PDF) for a 3P report.