Chapo Trap House

Originators and exemplars of the term “the dirtbag left,” Chapo Trap House is much more than a podcast: they’re the most successful project in Patreon history, they’re New York Times bestselling authors, they’re international performers, and they’re Vanity Fair profile-subjects. More important than all of this is that they’re necessary, they’re cathartic, they understand our current political-cultural moment, and they’re brutally funny. Collaborating with them on any design project is a thrill if for no other reason than it lets me put imagery to their brilliant, brain-rewiring gags.

Poster for their summer 2019 European tour. The illustration is a hybrid send-off of (1) WWII-era British John Bull propaganda artwork and (2) their podcast’s iconic DEA-patch reaper logo.

In 2018, I had the honor of being a contributing artist to their Guide To Revolution: A Manifesto Against Logic, Facts, and Reason. I supplied the more genre-specific visual gags, including an Aaron Sorkin manga, an ostensible kids’ activity section, and a spread where the typeset page text devolves into paranoid handscratch.

I also drew a quadtych of newspaper comic strip parodies—this is, to me, one of the funniest conceits they’ve ever written—which were, for reasons of legal prudence, axed from the final book. (Fortunately, the good people of The Nib published them.)

First week of release: number six.

A card to commemorate the book’s reception.

Poster for their live Lincoln-Douglas-style debate over whether video games are, in fact, good or bad.

Poster for their live show featuring the indispensable, dogged, Cody-devoted, comity-obsessed, and tragically fictional journalist Carl Diggler.

Poster for their 2016 election-night live show. You’ll never guess how it ended!

Illustration (later used as a silkscreened shirt graphic) depicting the fabled Chapo Mansion.

Poster for their 2018 west-coast tour.

…which was gorgeously, painstakingly screenprinted by Seattle’s legendary Broken Press.