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Sensitive. Safe. Reassuring. Anonymous. Private. Most marketing-slash-ecommerce websites don’t have to exhibit all these for all users, but SelfCollect wasn’t like most sites. In mid-2015, as part of the Moby team, I wireframed, designed, front-end coded, and Rails-prepared this groundbreaking at-home-STD-testing company's responsive site. From educating, to reassuring, to deconstructing its unusally complex checkout & results process, SelfCollect was a wholly unique — and worthwhile — challenge.

A tiny, tiny sampling of my total sketches from the IA stage of this redesign.

A sampling of my vector-wireframing of some of the more complex views (product detail, cart/kit, notification preferences, lab-tech back-end).

Home page. See the live site at

Test-detail view.

Part of the (atypically-complex) checkout process. Note that, unlike in most e-commerce processes, each “product”, at a definitional level, first requires sub-levels of (very sensitive) fine tuning on the part of the purchaser — all of which has to be not just web-accessible, but HIPAA compliant. Creating a visual language for all of this that was modern, tasteful, and respectful was a fascinating challenge.

A glimpse at the logged-in, post-test, user-results page. Clarity and reasurrance through design was essential here more than anywhere else in the site.

Media & Public Broadcasting

From 2010 to 2015, I was a lead designer and front-end developer for PBS KIDS Digital and NPR’s Southern California Public Radio (KPCC).

In addition, I occasionally produce my own civic-educational pieces.