Keynes for Kids

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I'd never much cared about macroeconomics. But then Paul Krugman went and released the video of his 2011 Keynes and the Moderns talk at Cambridge, and I was hooked. After slogging my way through General Theory and Skidelsky's book, I uncapped my ink bottle and got to work. Nine-year-olds, I was convinced, would love this stuff.

Top of the page (the whole experience is one long-scroll microsite).

Early sketching. (Pardon the camera “quality”; cell phones aren’t what they used to be.)

Macro, charted.

Building the spritemap for the “Dress Up Andrew Mellon” feature.

More action.

Penciling the “coalmines” feature.

Iterative design evolution.

Media & Public Broadcasting

From 2010 to 2015, I was a lead designer and front-end developer for PBS KIDS Digital and NPR’s Southern California Public Radio (KPCC).

In addition, I occasionally produce my own civic-educational pieces.