Definitive Technology & Polk Audio


  • Digital-/responsive- typography ideation & consulting
  • Modular visual design

Throughout 2016, Moby was hired to completely redesign the modular marketing-page, product-page, agnostic-sandbox-page, and cart/checkout flows for Sound United’s two consumer home-audio-electronics brands (Definitive Technology and Polk Audio). And in the earliest stages of discovery, I helped out on a very specific way.

Definitive and Polk are long-trusted, long-proven manufacturers of high-end consumer audio. But it struck me that there was a way to more-harmoniously transmit the feel of those two brands through better type-family choices. Definitive commanded elitism, sleekness, modern coolness; Polk was warmer, intimate, authentic. And the world of paid web-licensable typography in 2016—if you knew where to look, and how to think about it—could match that. (And, on a selfish note, because I was going to be the co-UI-designer and front-end developer on this site anyway, I had a personal stake in making sure we were selecting truly-modern, truly-responsive-web-capable weights.)

So, I took it upon myself to—for the benefit of both the client and us—do a typography-refinement proof-of-concept. What kind of reusable, modular, systemic pairings could I come up with for the least cost and smallest download size? How could the narrative of these brands be best told, even if the text itself were just lorem ipsum? What could you say through font choices that would amplify—pun fully intended—the product photography?

Media & Public Broadcasting

From 2010 to 2015, I was a lead designer and front-end developer for PBS KIDS Digital and NPR’s Southern California Public Radio (KPCC).

In addition, I occasionally produce my own civic-educational pieces.