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  • Information architecture + UX
  • Visual design
  • Responsive front-end code: HTML5, CSS3

One of Southern California Public Radio’s best assets has long been its prioritization of full-time, world-class photographers. And that photography needed its own home. Propelled early-on by Grant Slater’s, Mae Ryan’s, and Maya Sugarman’s ideas — and inspired by their work — I designed AudioVision to be a new way of experiencing photojournalism on the web.

Top of the home page, showing off (one of the several possible states of the) Modular Feature Grid.

A tiny sampling of my overall UX process.

Article detail view.

Working through the UX of (what eventually became) the Feature Grid.

Keeping readers enticed at the end of an article view.

Media & Public Broadcasting

From 2010 to 2015, I was a lead designer and front-end developer for PBS KIDS Digital and NPR’s Southern California Public Radio (KPCC).

In addition, I occasionally produce my own civic-educational pieces.