American Scraps

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The teaching and learning of American History should never be, under any circumstances, boring. American Scraps is my ongoing written, illustrated, narrative project to bring my love for this stuff—through comic strip, livestream, and video celebrations of National Archives documents—to impressionable young minds. Formerly known as Today’s Document (Illustrated).

The home page.

One small sampling of the UX/IA process — see it all here!

A comic-strip-detail page.

A glimpse at the editing of the re-launch video.

Part of the livestream page.

Mid-production during the screenprinting of the posters (at Seattle's famous Broken Press™).

Media & Public Broadcasting

From 2010 to 2015, I was a lead designer and front-end developer for PBS KIDS Digital and NPR’s Southern California Public Radio (KPCC).

In addition, I occasionally produce my own civic-educational pieces.