Jon White is a web designer, cartoonist, & developer.

He lives & runs in Seattle.

Big Stuff.

Seventeen People

I'm very fond of one particular episode of The West Wing. I want you to like it too, so I made some drawings and charts and maps and a website to bolster my case. (I've got the whole series on DVD if you want to come over. I'll make snacks.)

Fire & Earthquake Trackers

By mid-2013, too much of California was on fire, much earlier than it should have been. So we made an automated, embeddable, modular tool track it all. Chris Keller built a pipe into the CalFire data while I designed and coded the front-end. Later that year, we did the same thing for earthquakes.


One of KPCC's best assets has been its prioritization of full-time, world-class photographers. And their work needed its own home. Propelled early-on by Grant Slater's and Mae Ryan's ideas, I designed AudioVision to be a new way of approaching photojournalism on the web.

Today's Document (Illustrated)

Hyperbole aside, there is nothing that I love more — not running, not designing, not drawing — more than American history. Reading it, sharing it, teaching it, interpreting it. I spent 2010 putting this to work. The U.S. National Archives has long ran a web feature called "Today's Document," which, in 2010, was far more modest than it is today. Based on these posts, I made comics.


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Boston. 3:12
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Marine Corps. 3:33

Latest Runs.


So I went to school for a joint program in comics and graphic design, but ended up falling in love with the nascent web standards movement, which became the accessibility thing, which became the responsive thing, and somewhere along the way everything blew up, and now here we are.

The web is better, more delight-giving, more elegant, more accessible, and more communicatively helpful than we give it credit. I believe its best days haven’t yet happened.


Download if necessary.

Skills (hard).

  • HTML5 (obnoxiousy semantic).
  • [S]CSS3 (Sassy).
  • DOM scripting.
  • Information architecture.
  • Visual design.

Skills (soft).

  • Speaking.
  • Experience-in & understanding-of the editorial/newsroom/media world.
  • Ads (accepting their brokenness and living within that, or seeing and implementing stranger, tougher, better alternatives).
  • Holistic consistency (we let the word “responsive” get away from us, and it’s not coming back).
  • Hopeful skepticism.
  • American presidential history.
  • I know all the words to “Ya Got Trouble.”