Jon White

A designer in the broad sense of the term.

IA/UX/UI, print & systems design, interactive storytelling, HTML5 + (S)CSS3 + JS + RWD

1 Big Things

American Scraps

The teaching and learning of American History should never be, under any circumstances, boring. American Scraps is my ongoing written, illustrated, narrative project to bring my love for this stuff—through comic strip, livestream, and video celebrations of National Archives documents—to impressionable young minds. Formerly known as Today’s Document (Illustrated).

KPCC Content Views

The blessing and curse of digital news is its unpredictability. From 2013 to 2015, I tore down, re-envisioned, and re-coded KPCC’s modular content views (article, segment, episode, blog post). Typographic and layout elegance in a vacuum is one thing; doing it when you can’t count on image sizes, image types, content length, embeds, or ad placements is another.

Sunset: A Responsive Translation

For years, I've obsessed over Sunset—in its print form. Issue after issue, it betrays my favorite kinds of systems design, paired with seductive typography and gorgeous photos. But it’s long bothered me that that visual language wasn't manifest on the high-resolution, responsive web, where it would naturally shine. So, I took four articles from its January 2016 issue and made a proof-of-concept of Sunset's canonical views taken to their logical, web-based conclusion.

2 Still-Worthwhile Things

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KPCC Fire Tracker
Chapo Trap House + Digcast: Live Show Graphics
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Seventeen People
Bill Carter’s Trainer For The Stars Seeking Stars Dot Org
The Short List
Always With You
Twin Cities: ’15, ’14, ’13, ’12
Software & Platform Icons
Boston ’153:12
Bilingual Learning
Whitman / Adomian
N.C. Redistricting (Slate)
Earthquake Tracker
Never Not Funny #1602
Selling the Spine
Hamburger Sandwich®
Eugene ’143:04
Hollywood Facts:™ The Theme Song:™ The Board Game™
RISE 2013: Poster
Keynes for Kids
Responsive Web Design: I Wish This Wasn’t A Buzzword
Officiating a Bunch of Weddings
Marine Corps ’093:33
Teaching Code
Commencement ’06 Speech


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Shoe icon by Ludovic Riffault. Opengraph draftsmen from the National Archives. Classroom photo from Miami University. Latest-run time conversions by Moment.js. FT Labs made FastClick. And the only reason I'm able to do any of this is because I've had the implausible luck of learning from Justin McDowell, Jared Powell, David Durst, Chris Bishop, and Sean Dillingham. This industry can so often feel weird, dumb, and cynically exhausting — which just makes these guys’ creativity, skill, and decency that much brighter in contrast.